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autospec suite for openmamba GNU/Linux


Autospec is a fully configurable suite of shell scripts for automatically generating specfiles from source tarballs and downloading, upgrading, compiling, testing, and uploading the rpm (*RedHat Package Manager*) packages provided by an rpm-based Linux distribution.

Autospec was created for the QiLinux distribution and is now used by the openmamba developers.



  • /usr/bin/autospec

Plugins (/usr/bin)

  • pck-extract - Extract a given file or list of files from a srpm archive
  • pck-update - Update a rpm package to a specified version and release
  • spec-create - Create a specfile for the specified source tarball
  • config-getvar - Print the value of a given configuration variable

Libraries (/usr/share/autospec/lib)

  • libapse.lib - Autospec Package Search Engine library
  • libcfg.lib - Load the configuration files
  • libmsgmng.lib - Manage debug/warning/error messages
  • libnetwork.lib - Get informations from internet repositories
  • libspec.lib - Specfiles parser
  • libtest.lib - Autospec library used by the test framework
  • libtranslate.lib - Autospec library used to setup translations
  • librepository.lib - Interact with the distribution repositories

Tests (/usr/share/autospec/tests)

  • test00_specsyntax - Syntax checks of a specfile
  • test01_pkgquality - RPM quality checks
  • test02_pkgsecurity - RPM security checks

Templates (/usr/share/autospec/templates)

  • ghc
  • gnome
  • kde3, kde4, kde5
  • library
  • ocaml-libs
  • perl
  • python
  • standard
  • standard-daemon
  • web

Configuration files

  • /etc/autospec.conf
  • /etc/autospec.d/*.conf
  • $HOME/.autospec
  • $HOME/.autospec.d/*.conf

Color Scheme files

  • /etc/autospec.d/color-theme.*

Translation files (/usr/share/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/)

  • po files

Get it, Try it, Love it...

Install autospec in openmamba by entering the following command in the terminal prompt:

smart install autospec


yum install --nogpgcheck autospec

if you already switched to yum.


If you find a bug please create an issue in the project bug tracker at openmamba GitLab.