Commit bbe5785f authored by Silvan Calarco's avatar Silvan Calarco

Initial commit

openmamba-devel: openmamba-milestone1-devel
openmamba-milestone1-devel: rpm gcc gcc-c++ gcc-cpp make
openmamba-debug: openmamba-milestone1-debug
openmamba-milestone1-debug: strace valgrind gdb minicom openssh-server dhcp-client rpm iputils openssh-clients \
diffutils Mesa-tools kbd mc bootchart apt openmamba-release
openmamba-base: openmamba-milestone1-base
openmamba-milestone1-base: filesystem gzip texinfo ldconfig bash libreadline glibc \
libncurses initscripts setup coreutils rootfiles chkconfig splashutils \
udev suspend ttf-freefont libpython libgpm debianutils
openmamba-commontools: openmamba-milestone1-commontools
openmamba-milestone1-commontools: sysvinit util-linux-ng module-init-tools \
procps sed grep net-tools ncurses tar bzip2 unzip zip pciutils \
libcrack libcrack-dicts pam shadow-common pwdutils acpid mingetty \
net-tools syslinux prelink mc dhcp-client timezone nfs-utils \
wireless_tools wpa_supplicant apt openmamba-release grub2 openssh-clients \
dosfstools man mbr iptables cups vim iputils sudo postplug xinetd less \
reiserfsprogs ppp ipw2100-firmware ipw2200-firmware zd1211-firmware \
rt2501-firmware b43-fwcutter mdadm eciadsl \
rp-pppoe-gui ndiswrapper slmodem usbutils ftp telnet eject \
tcpdump pcmcia-utils xdg-utils iproute
openmamba-advanced: openmamba-milestone1-advanced
openmamba-milestone1-advanced: hdparm hibernate
include $(TARGETSDIR)/$(TARGET)/platforms/$(PLATFORM)/Makefile
# def file for the embedded target = libGL-Mesa-dri = libGL-Mesa-dri
perl[bytes] = perl
#xorglibGL = libGL-Mesa-dri
xorgdrvvideo = xorg-drv-video-base xorg-drv-video-amd xorg-drv-video-nsc
xorgdrvinput = xorg-drv-input-base xorg-drv-input-synaptics
splashtheme = splash-theme-openmamba
bootloader = syslinux
alsaplayer_output = alsaplayer-output-jack alsaplayer-output-alsa = xorg-server = libgcj4 = libgcj4
kernelsound = kernel-mamba-sound-backport
#kernelwireless = kernel-mamba-wireless
kernelwireless = kernel-mamba-wireless-backport
include $(TARGETSDIR)/$(TARGET)/platforms/$(PLATFORM)/Makefile.defs
# execute platform specific script
[ -e $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/ ] && . $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/
[ "$PRODUCT_NAME" ] && \
#if [ "$FORCE" = "1" -o ! -e "$LOCALSTATEDIR/$MEDIA_NAME" ]; then
[ $MEDIA = "raw" ] && create_raw_filesystem $LOCALSTATEDIR/$MEDIA_NAME $MEDIA_SIZE 1024k $ROOTFS
create_fstab "$ROOTDEV" "$ROOTFS"
install_rpms "filesystem gzip texinfo ldconfig bash libreadline glibc libncurses initscripts setup coreutils" "--nodeps --noorder --noscripts"
# Workaround: avoid a circular dependency with bash
#install_rpms_by_target \
# "Installing kernel..." mtd-base \
# "$NOARCHDIR/filesystem*"
install_rpms_by_target "Installing base packages for ${MAKEDIST_TARGET} target" ${MAKEDIST_TARGET}-base "${RPMEXTRAARGS}"
# disable the service command
mv $MOUNTDIR/sbin/service $MOUNTDIR/sbin/service.preinst
ln -sf /bin/true $MOUNTDIR/sbin/service
# change the uname command
mv $MOUNTDIR/bin/uname $MOUNTDIR/bin/uname.preinst
CURRKERNEL=`uname -r`
cat > $MOUNTDIR/bin/uname << _EOF
/bin/uname.preinst \$@ | sed "s|${CURRKERNEL}|${KERNEL_MAJVER}${KERNEL_EXTRAVER}|"
chmod +x $MOUNTDIR/bin/uname
# set system hostname and domain
[[ "$TARGET_DOMAIN" ]] || TARGET_DOMAIN="localdomain"
sed -i "s|HOSTNAME=.*|HOSTNAME=$TARGET_HOSTNAME|" $MOUNTDIR/etc/sysconfig/network
sed -i "s|\(127\.0\.0\.1\W*\)\(.*\)|\1 $TARGET_HOSTNAME.$TARGET_DOMAIN $TARGET_HOSTNAME \2|" \
#install_rpms_by_target "Installing tools packages for ${MAKEDIST_TARGET} target" ${MAKEDIST_TARGET}-tools ""
install_rpms_by_target "Installing ${PLATFORM} platform packages" ${MAKEDIST_TARGET}-${PLATFORM} "${RPMEXTRAARGS}"
[ "$LANGUAGE" ] && install_rpms_by_target "Installing ${PLATFORM} platform localization packages ($LANGUAGE)" ${MAKEDIST_TARGET}-${PLATFORM}-${LANGUAGE} "${RPMEXTRAARGS}"
update_modules_dependencies ${KERNEL_VER}${KERNEL_EXTRAVER}
if [ "$APPLICATION_TARGET" ]; then
install_rpms_by_target "Installing application packages." "$APPLICATION_TARGET" "${RPMEXTRAARGS}"
# erase_rpm_database
if [ ${DEBUG:-0} -gt 0 ]; then
install_rpms_by_target "Installing debugging packages." ${MAKEDIST_TARGET}-debug "${RPMEXTRAARGS}"
cat > $MOUNTDIR/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0 << _EOF
[ "$LANGUAGE" ] && {
[ "$LANGUAGE" = "en" ] && KEYMAP=us || KEYMAP="$LANGUAGE"
# configure localization
cat > $MOUNTDIR/etc/sysconfig/keyboard << _EOF
[ "$COUNTRY" ] && {
cat > $MOUNTDIR/etc/sysconfig/i18n << _EOF
echo "Deleting unuseful files..."
# delete unused localizations
find $MOUNTDIR/usr/share/locale \
-maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d \
! -name it* ! -name en* ! -name C ! -name l10n -exec rm -rf {} \;
#$CHROOTCMD chkconfig --add acpid ||
# { echo "$mkcd_me: fatal error, aborting installation" >&2
# { (exit 1); exit 1; }; }
# configure extlinux boot loader
#cat > $MOUNTDIR/boot/extlinux.conf << _EOF
#APPEND video=vesafb:1280x1024-32 root=$ROOTDEV console=tty1
if [ "$U_BOOT" ]; then
echo "Copying u-boot Image for Kernel"
#mkimage -A ppc -O linux -T kernel -C gzip -a 0x8000 -e 0x8000 \
# -n "$DISTRONAME 2.6" -d $MOUNTDIR/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.12 $DISTRONAME-$MAKEDIST_TARGET-uImage.bin
# disable parport
#sed -i "/parport_pc/d" $MOUNTDIR/etc/modprobe.conf
# disable multithreaded init ?
if [ ${MULTITHREAD:-0} -gt 0 ]; then
sed -i "s|multithread=1|multithread=0|" $MOUNTDIR/etc/sysconfig/rc
# blacklist buggy ehci_hcd
#echo "blacklist ehci_hcd" > $MOUNTDIR/etc/modprobe.conf.d/ehci_hcd
# set rootdev on extlinux
[ -e $MOUNTDIR/boot/extlinux.conf ] && sed -i "s|\([^::alpha]root=\)[^ ]*|\1$ROOTDEV|" $MOUNTDIR/boot/extlinux.conf
# execute platform specific script
[ -e $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/ ] && . $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/
# restore the service command
rm -f $MOUNTDIR/sbin/service
mv $MOUNTDIR/sbin/service.preinst $MOUNTDIR/sbin/service
# restore the uname command
rm -f $MOUNTDIR/bin/uname
mv $MOUNTDIR/bin/uname.preinst $MOUNTDIR/bin/uname
# copy static files for target
[ -e $TARGETDIR/root ] &&
cp -a $TARGETDIR/root/* $MOUNTDIR/
# copy static files for specific platform
[ -e $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/root ] &&
cp -a $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/root/* $MOUNTDIR/
# copy localized static files for specific platform
[ "$LANGUAGE" -a -e $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/root-$LANGUAGE ] &&
# Localized targets
xorglibGL = libGL-Mesa-dri libGL-nvidia-X11 libGL-fglrx-X11
kernelnvidia = kernel-mamba-nongpl-nvidia
xorglibglx = xorg-ext-libglx xorg-ext-libglx-nvidia
#xorg-ext-libglx-nvidia = xorg-drv-video-nvidia = xorg-drv-video-nvidia
xorgdrvvideo = xorg-drv-video-base xorg-drv-video-amd xorg-drv-video-nsc xorg-drv-video-fglrx xorg-drv-video-nvidia
# bootcd post script
# creates a fake installation aimed at producing a kernel image and initrd
# for booting flash and disk partitions
# make initramfs
cat >> $MOUNTDIR/etc/modprobe.conf << _EOF
alias scsi_hostadapter ehci-hcd
alias scsi_hostadapter uhci-hcd
alias scsi_hostadapter ohci-hcd
alias scsi_hostadapter usb-storage
alias scsi_hostadapter sata_via
alias scsi_hostadapter ata_piix
alias scsi_hostadapter reiserfs
[ -e $MOUNTDIR2/boot/isolinux ] || mkdir -p $MOUNTDIR2/boot/isolinux
chroot $MOUNTDIR mkinitramfs \
/boot/initramfs-${KERNEL_VER}${KERNEL_EXTRAVER}.img.gz \
# Note: isolinux requires 8.3 filenames
cp $MOUNTDIR/boot/initramfs-${KERNEL_VER}${KERNEL_EXTRAVER}.img.gz \
# configure isolinux boot loader
cat > $MOUNTDIR2/boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg << _EOF
timeout 100
prompt 1
display menu.txt
F1 help.txt
F2 helpit.txt
default 1
label 1
kernel /boot/vmlinuz
append video=vesafb:1024x768-32,ywrap,mtrr root=/dev/sda1 console=tty1 initrd=/boot/initrmfs.gz splash=silent quiet
label 2
kernel /boot/vmlinuz
append video=vesafb:1024x768-32,ywrap,mtrr root=/dev/sda2 console=tty1 initrd=/boot/initrmfs.gz splash=silent quiet
label 3
kernel /boot/vmlinuz
append video=vesafb:1024x768-32,ywrap,mtrr root=/dev/sda console=tty1 initrd=/boot/initrmfs.gz splash=silent quiet
label 4
kernel /boot/vmlinuz
append video=vesafb:1024x768-32,ywrap,mtrr root=/dev/hda1 console=tty1 initrd=/boot/initrmfs.gz splash=silent quiet
label 8
kernel /boot/vmlinuz
append video=vesafb:1024x768-32,ywrap,mtrr root=/dev/sda1 console=tty1 initrd=/boot/initrmfs.gz debug=1 splash=verbose
label 9
kernel memtest
# install isolinux binary
[ -e /usr/lib/syslinux/isolinux.bin ] && cp /usr/lib/syslinux/isolinux.bin $MOUNTDIR2/boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin ||
{ echo "Error: /boot/memtest.bin not found. Please install the memtest86 package.";
exit 1; }
# install memtest
[ -e /boot/memtest.bin ] && cp /boot/memtest.bin $MOUNTDIR2/boot/isolinux/memtest ||
{ echo "Error: /boot/memtest.bin not found. Please install the memtest86 package.";
exit 1; }
# copy static files for specific platform
[ -e $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/root ] &&
cp -a $TARGETDIR/platforms/$PLATFORM/root/* $MOUNTDIR2/
MOUNTDIR=$MOUNTDIR2 produce_media
exit 0
# produce bootcd ISO image
for i in $LIVECD_TARGETS; do
. $TARGETDIR/platforms/$i/
[ "$FORCE" = "1" -o ! -e "$LOCALSTATEDIR/$CURR_MEDIA_NAME" ] && {
echo "Creating bootable livecd..."
[ "$MOUNTDIR" ] && rm -rf $MOUNTDIR/*
[ "$MOUNTDIR2" ] && rm -rf $MOUNTDIR2/*
#[ "$EXTRA_PACKAGES" ] && {
# echo "- installing repository with extra packages"
# add_packages_to_repository $MOUNTDIR/repositories/extras "$EXTRA_PACKAGES"
for i in ${MEDIA_NAMES[*]}; do
echo "- installing $i"
openmamba bootcd menu
1) mount rootfs from first USB storage (sda1)
2) mount rootfs from second USB storage (sda2)
3) mount rootfs from unpartitioned USB storage (sda)
4) mount rootfs from first IDE (hda)
8) mount rootfs from first USB storage (sda1) in debug mode
9) Start a system memory benchmark
Please, enter 1 or wait 10 seconds to boot automatically.
You can also pass some extra parameters to the kernel. For example:
boot: 1 root=/dev/sdb1
If you have trouble during boot stage please use debug=1 and vga=normal
options in order to see system startup messages.
NOTE: In most cases the kernel will detect your hardware, and parameters are
not needed. If you don't need to enter any parameters, hit ENTER to boot
the default kernel.
Menu' di avvio di openmamba
1) monta il rootfs dal primo storage USB (sda1)
2) monta il rootfs dal secondo storage USB (sda2)
3) monta il rootfs da uno storage USB non partizionato (sda)
4) monta il rootfs dal primo disco IDE (hda)
8) monta il rootfs dal primo storage USB (sda1) in modalita' di debug
9) Esegue un test della memoria di sistema
Digitare 1 o attendere 10 secondi per l'avvio automatico.
E' possibile passare parametri extra al kernel. Ad esempio:
boot: 1 root=/dev/sdb1
In caso di problemi all'avvio utilizzare le opzioni debug=1 e vga=normal
per visualizzare su schermo i messaggi di avvio di sistema.
NOTA: nella maggior parte dei casi il kernel riconoscera' automaticamente
l'hardware senza bisogno di inserire alcun parametro. Premere INVIO per
avviare il kernel in modalita' predefinita.
openmamba bootcd menu
F1) Help
F2) Aiuto
Please, make sure your storage device is connected then press ENTER or
wait 10 seconds to boot with default options.
Assicurarsi che il dispositivo di storage sia connesso e premere INVIO o
attendere 10 secondi per l'avvio in modalita' predefinita.
openmamba bootcd
* removed installation of unused kernel-nongpl packages
* add reiserfs, ata_piix and sta_via support
* first release
Version 2, June 1991
Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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